We'll walk my love at eve unseen
By broad leaved hazel hedge [so green]
Where Anna['s] curls like fingered glove
Dark as the ivy shakes above
We'll stand on grass banks bright & dry
And count the stars all in the sky
And there well stand to see them shine
Till love grows fond and you divine.

A kiss without thy leave I'll take
With one arm lapped round thy white neck
While curls by thy white earings [shake]
Like so many coal black rings
And loll upon thy heaving breast
And in thy secret wishes rest
My arm around thy shoulder thrown
Thy hand in mine I d hold my own.

The ash it spreads accross the leas
And bunches shake o' paler keys
We'll sit beneath or stand the while
And see the heavens burn & smile
The meadow sweets white downy tops
And round the binding wild hedge hops
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