O I love the bonny lassie
In her dress o' tartan plaid
By the burnie rinning glassie
I' the Sun or i' the shade
O I luv the scottish lassie
She is more then dear to me
As the blossoms to the grass is
& the berry to the Tree
O I love the young scotch lassie
She is very dear to me

The wild brere o' the mountain
The gowans o' the lea
The lilies o' the fountain
Are nae but flowers to me
But bonnie young Maria
Then a' the flowers I see
She sets my heart on fire
Wi' her ain sweet companie
& she burns me wi' desire
When her bonnie face I see

She's as sharp as ony brere
& pleasant as its bloom
She is handsome every where
& her gown is like the broom
Her gowns the yellow broom
& her face the blushing brere
Her cheeks have got the bloom
& she's handsome every where
& I'm welcome in her room
Where she sets the cushioned chair

What a winter fire she'll make
When I tarry as her guest
Wi' my arms about her neck
Then I kiss her into rest
Gin the hens are gone to bed
Gin the staple holds the pin
Gin the sparrows seek the shed
She will up & let me in
When I kiss & nothings sed
Rosey cheeks & lily skin
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