Theres beauty in the summer flower
& in the awthorn blossom
Tis sweet to lie at evens hour
Upon a sweet hearts bosom
Tis sweet to lean upon her arm
& loves emotions feel
While walking round the wood & field
With handsome Mary Neal.

Young Mary Neal was handsome
& Mary Neal was fair
She was worth a Ladys ransom
With her dark & flowing hair
How fair the flower how soft the wind
Through bushes used to steal
Like woodbine round the thorn entwined
I walked with Mary Neal.

How sweet the thorn its tender green
Shot oer the wood side way
Sweet dimples i the brook was seen
I' those sweet showers o' may
When down the green we used to hie
& through the wood ride steal
When I kissed her cheek & praised her eye
Of my own Mary Neal

How beautifull the moon arose
& oer the Barley shone
When I clasped her where the hedge briar grows
Young Mary all my own
At broken vows my heart would die
The thought on't makes me reel
For her I live & love & sigh
My lovely Mary Neal.
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