When in summer thou walkest
In the meads by the river
& to thyself talkest
Dost thou think of me ever
A lost & a lorn one
That adores thee & loves thee
& when happy morn's gone
& natures calm moves thee
Leaving thee to thy sleep like an angel at rest
Does the man who adored thee still live in thy breast

Does nature e'er give thee
Loves past happy visions
& wrap thee & leave thee
In fancys elesian[s]
Thy beauty I clung too
As leaves to the tree
When thou fair & young too
Looked lightly on me
Till love came upon thee like suns to the west
& shed its perfuming & bloom on my breast

Flower of summers bright beaming
Thou star of the even
Thy grey eyes are beaming
Like light of the heaven
When shall I talk to thee
In eves dusky glooming
When shall I walk with thee
In summer flowers blooming before
& love thee as much as I loved thee
& be teazed with the sighs of loves abscence no more
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