Bonny hills and bosky braes
I maun leave them a' lassie
Where thy happy shadow strays
Still in fancies e'e lassie
Bonny hills, and flowing fountains
Siller lakes, and heather mountains
Music from each bush rebounding
My love maun leave them a' lassie
And the headlong tumbling Linn
Where thy sweet form's reflected in
Thou wilt heed its roaring din
When I'm far from thee lassie


Bonny hills and happy days
They'll a' be stoun away lassie
Where my foolish fancy strays
To meet thy bonny sell lassie
Far away from love, and Pheobe
With two eyes as bright as Hebe
Solitude alone will see thee
In this pleasant place lassie
Where the water runs so clearly
Where I love thee a sa' dearly
Sitting on my knee or nearly
By the gentle spring lassie


Bonny hills and bosky braes
I maun leave them a' lassie
Farther than the ocean strays
Desserts, seas and a' lassie
Where thy sweet form never rested
Where thy sma' foot never pressed it
The sun burnt up, and syne he blessed it
There I'm gaun to stray lassie
I kiss thee by the siller fountain
Farewell — ere e'ening blues the mountain
I'm gaun. But Hope saes ills surmounting
I'll come another day lassie
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