Honey dew falls from the tree
 Where my Julia walks with me
With her white arm held in mine
 Luscious smells the eglantine
In blushes sleeps the rosey briar
 Lit with tiney sparks of fire
As the red-hot sun goes down
Like a ball to fire the town.


Glow-worms fire the dark green grass
 Where my Julia's small feet pass
And the king-cups rimmed wi' dew
 Gold and white and pearly blue
Tap her on her evening track
 Sandal shoes with ribbons black
And woodbines with a crimson streak
 Nod again her bonnet peak.


The pearly west glowed golden charms
 While I held Julia in my arms
Sweet Julia with the eye of dew
 The heath bell has'n't one so blue
Her neck the lily of the vale
 Is not so fair and sweetly pale
Her cheek, the rose crop't in the dew
Is not so blushing in its hue.


I kissed her, yes I kissed her twice
 While the little whistling mice
From the hedge ran in and out
 And bounced the silver dews about
I leaned upon my Julia's cheek
 And could have rested there a week
But we returned to our repose
Just as the full round moon arose.
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