I would not think thee half so fair
Had I not known that thou excelled
The fairest that were blooming there
If not the sweetest I beheld
T'was so & more than so to me
For none could smile so sweet as thee —


Calm Sunday noons, & moonlight eves
How beautiful they made thee seem —
The poet such a vision weaves
As thou wert — seen in angel dreams,
A maiden soon to be a bride
With nought so beautiful beside —


We find a flower upon our walk
In places where we thought none grew
I saw thy smiles & heard thee talk
I thought none there as sweet as you
T'was so when last we met — the while —
Could absence e'er forget that smile —


I could'nt — and I loved thee more
When late in hidden thought I met thee
Than e'er I seemed to do before
— I saw, where I could not forget thee
When moonlight walks their views unfurled
And left thee fairest in the world


The best, the fairest & the dearest —
The moon looked silent o'er our love
The only witness and the nearest
To thoughts as angels are above
I thought of thee & only thee
And felt that such was thine for me —


The moonlight walk — the rustic stile
Where she was richly seated
Her fine grey eyes owned every smile
Wi' which true love was treated
T'was heaven there & so t'will be
The next time that I meet wi' thee —
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