Oh where can he wander! Ah where can he stay!
To keep so long from me and out of the way
Ten years he's been lost to the light o' these eyes
And every days absence increases surprise
Again the bow'd cowslip is covering the lea
But it brings no return of my Sandy to me
The golden ey'd daisy looks sweet in the burn
Oh! how I do long for my Sandy's return.


Ten years have the gowans show'd their gouden eyes
In the place where he left me beneath the bright skies
But they gave him a red coat a cap and a feather
And sent him frae me and frae love all together
And he's left me alone wi the gowans to be
Ten long years have passed without comfort for me
Tears fall from my eyes on gowans so gay
I'm sad that my Sandy fra Ailsie should stay.


Oh Sandie! Oh Sandy you're gone oer the sea
You're gone far away from your own country
Where the gowans smil'd sweet with you by my side
And the stars shone so brightly at evening tide
My heart is a' sad and I sigh all the day
As I think o' my Sandy who's gone far away
The gowans so bright they all wither and die
But Sandy returns not beyond the great sea.
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