The moon above the hills is peeping
The stars are in the purple skies
While lilies on the lake are sleeping
But not so dear as Nelly's eyes
I love the evening on the mountain
The tickling dripples from the spring
The sky's reflection in the fountain
But Nelly seems a dearer thing
She's lovely as her sister graces
For evening walks in sweetest places


How beautiful the moon is shining
How silver bright the stars appear
The clouds lie round like silver lining
The sweetest time in all the year
The sweetest time for Nelly's rambles
Is sure the shut of silent eve
The heath is overhung with brambles
That often catch at Nelly's sleeve
Come Nelly while the light remains
And let us ramble down the lanes


Where bloom the Canterbury bells
And where the foxglove flower reposes
Where the chaffinch sleeps in lonely dells
In the dog-briar bushes hung with roses.
Come sweet Nelly charming creature
Let thy evening walk be mine
Womans charms in every feature
Sweet as is the eglantine
Let us walk the heath together
In light of love, and summer weather
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