A Song

Calm was the Even, and cleer was the Sky,
And the new budding Flowers did spring
When all alone went Amyntas and I
To hear the sweet Nightingal sing;
I sate, and he laid him down by me;
But scarcely his breath he could draw;
For when with a fear, he began to draw near,
He was dash'd with A ha ha ha ha!

He blush'd to himself, and lay still for a while,
And his modesty curb'd his desire;
But streight I convinc'd all his fear with a smile,
Which added new Flames to his Fire.
O Sylvia, said he, you are cruel,
To keep your poor Lover in awe;
Then once more he prest with his hand to my breast,
But was dash'd with A ha ha ha ha!

I knew 'twas his passion that caus'd all his fear;
And therefore I pity'd his Case;
I whisper'd him softly, there's no Body near,
And laid my Cheek close to his Face:
But as he grew bolder and bolder,
A Shepherd came by us and saw;
And just as our bliss we began with a Kiss,
He laugh'd out with A ha ha ha ha!
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