Dear Phebe I love thee and that on for ever
And thy heart in thy bosom shall ne'er have a fear in't
I'll meet thee this once and I'll part wi' thee never
Thy love shall be sweetness without any tear in't
I love thee sweet Phebe my dearest I love thee
The green grass beneath thee the clouds sail above thee
In my hearts first affections none other could moove me
As the woodbine the oak — nought but death e're should part me.


I'll part wi' thee never thou fond one thou fair one
And sweet will the bud be when thy branches bear one
The flower o' its mother and nothing's more fair
Sweet maid o' the bright eye and dark flowing hair
With a song like the thrush and a voice like the dove
Her eyes and her thoughts breathe of nothing but love
Soft as the winds wispers that bends the flowers down
Or stir o' the little weeds brushed by thy gown —


Sweet Phebe my dearest my beautiful Phebe
With a face full o' roses and bosom o' snow
A bosom o' snow love where Cupid goes beeby —
And beautiful veins o'er the lily banks flow
Then Phebe my darling round the strings o' thy apron
I'd uggle my arms like the wings of a Capon
To kiss the milk white of thy bosom so fair
And rose on thy cheek hid in leaves o' black hair.
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