Meet me in the primrose lane
When moonlight lives above thee
I'll kiss thy rosey face again
And everlasting love thee


Meet me where white clover grows
In the dewy grass love
Meet me where white roses blows
And brooks run clear as glass love


In the evening I intreat thee
When the dew is on the breere
Down the lane o' woodbines meet me
While the brook is running clear


While the round moon shines so brightly
And the diamond star o' even
O'er the lime trees shineth nightly
Making earth a lovers heaven


Among the short white blossom'd clover
Neath the ash trees shadows there
While the clouds the moon flies over
Let me meet my angel fair


Kiss good night — and ease my bosom
Rest my hope in slumbers then
While the dew drop pearls the blossom
And silence sleeps about the glen —
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