This song ended, David did stint his voice

This song ended, David did stint his voice;
And in that while, about he with his eye
Did seek the cave with which, withouten noise,
His silence seemed to argue and reply
Upon this peace, this peace that did rejoice
The soul with mercy, that mercy so did cry
And found mercy at mercy's plentiful hand,
Never denied but where it was withstand.

As the servant that, in his master's face
Finding pardon of his passed offence,
Considering his great goodness and his grace,
Glad tears distils as gladsome recompense,
Right so David, that seemed in that place
A marble image of singular reverence
Carved in the rock with eyes and hands on high,
Made as by craft to plain, to sob, to sigh.

This while a beam that bright sun forth sends —
That sun the which was never cloud could hide —
Pierceth the cave and on the harp descends,
Whose glancing light the chords did overglide
And such lustre upon the harp extends
As light of lamp upon the gold clean tried;
The turn whereof into his eyes did start,
Surprised with joy by penance of the heart.

He, then inflamed with far more hot affect
Of God than he was erst of Barsabe,
His left foot did on the earth erect,
And just thereby remain'th the t'other knee.
To his left side his weight he doth direct —
Sure hope of health — and harp again tak'th he.
His hand his tune, his mind sought his lay
Which to the Lord with sober voice did say.
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