Song: The Maid of the Desert

The maid of the Desert


My home is not here it lies in the land
Where houses nor cities appear
Where the tent by the jungle is pitched on the sand
And the lion roars awfully near
There the maid of the desert did plight me her troth
Which I pledged in affection and truth
Yes that is the land and my heritage both
With the friends of her kindred and youth


Sweet maid of the desert as fresh as the flower
That blooms round thy tent in the morn
I've spent in thy solitudes many an hour
The sweetest e'er since I was born
Sweet maid of the desert the mountains so grand
Tower dark o'er thy beautiful brow
As fair as the lily alone on the strand
In the depths of the desert art thou


Sweet maid of the desert the cross on thy brow
Is richer than gems of the east
Truth bloomed in thy childhood and warms thy love now
That burns in thy beautiful breast
Sweet maid of the desert thou rose of the west
Thou gem of the earth and the sea
While love is the diamond that decks thy white breast
My hope waits thy lover to be.
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