A Song from Shiraz

The singers of Shiraz are feasting afar
To greet the Nauraz with sarang and cithar
But what is their music that calleth to me,
From glimmering garden and glowing minar?

The stars shall be scattered like jewels of glass,
And Beauty be tossed like a shell in the sea,
Ere the lutes of their magical laughter surpass
The lute, of thy tears, O Mohamed Ali!

From the Mosque-towers of Shiraz ere daylight begin
My heart is disturbed by the loud muezzin,
But what is the voice of his warning to me,
That waketh the world to atonement of sin?

The stars shall be broken like mirrors of brass,
And Rapture be sunk like a stone in the sea,
Ere the carpet of prayer or of penance surpass
Thy carpet of dreams, O Mohamed Ali!

In the silence of Shiraz my soul shall await,
Untroubled, the wandering Angel of Fate
What terror or joy shall his hands hold for me,
Who bringeth the goblet of guerdon too late?

The stars shall be mown and uprooted like grass,
And Glory be flung like a weed in the sea,
Ere the goblet of doom or salvation surpass
Thy goblet of love, O Mohamed Ali!
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