Songs in a Shower Bath


Gently, while the drenching dribble
Courses down my sweltered form,
I am basking like a sybil,
Lazy, languorous, and warm.
I am unambitious, flaccid,
Well content to drowse and dream:
How I hate life's bitter acid —
Leave me here to stew and steam.
Underneath this jet so torrid
I forget the World's sad wrath:
O, activity is horrid!
Leave me in my shower bath!


But when I turn the crank
O Zeus!
A silver ecstasy thrills me!
I caper and slap my chilled thighs,
I plan to make a card index of all my ideas
And feel like an efficiency expert.
I tweak Fate by the nose
And know I could succeed in anything .
I throw up my head
And glut myself with icy splatter. . . .
To-day I will really
Begin my Career!
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