Sonnet 5. Allusion to Theseus' Voyage to Crete, Against the Minotaur -

My Love is sailed, against Dislike to fight,
Which, like vild monster, threatens his decay:
The ship is Hope, which, by Desire's great might,
Is swiftly borne towards the wished bay:
The company which with my Love doth fare,
Though met in one, is a dissenting crew:
They are Joy, Grief, and never-sleeping Care,
And Doubt, which ne'er believes good news for true
Black Fear the flag is, which my ship doth bear,
Which, Dear, take down, if my Love victor be:
And let white Comfort in his place appear,
When Love victoriously returns to me;
Lest I from rock Despair come tumbling down,
And in a sea of tears be forced to drown.
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