O F cheats that Beauty's quivering shade
Has ever to the eye convey'd,
Just view'd — and then to disappear,
As inmates of another sphere —
These tempting forms perplex the most,
For ever seen, for ever lost —
Like Banquo , seem to fill my chair;
But, question'd, vanish into air.
Love in their trust has left his throne,
The Sister-graces are their own.
Is homage thus to be confin'd?
Can Beauty leave unblest the mind?
Their whisper'd breath I never heard,
Or caught by theft a passing word.
But one appear'd at nearer view
The Parent of the other two;
And said , though mute , with speaking air ,
" Surpass me, Daughters, if you dare! "
" Speak, to be seen! " has well been said;
The voice remains when you are fled.
Speak! to these Tyrants I exclaim,
And give the raptur'd ear its claim!
A Hobart and a Cumberland
Can eloquence and wit command:
Speak! and the perfect charm complete,
Where mind and form in beauty meet!
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