Come gentle Spring and show thy varied greens
In woods and fields and meadows by clear brooks
Come Gentle Spring and bring thy sweetest scenes
Where Peace and solitude the loveliest looks
Where the blue unclouded sky
Spreads the sweetest canopy
And study wiser grows without her books.


Come hither gentle Many and with thee bring
Flowers of all colours and the wild briar rose
Come in wind floating drapery and bring
Fragrance and bloom that natures love bestows
Meadow pinks and columbines
Keksies white and Eglantines
And music of the Bee that seeks the rose


Come gentle Spring and bring the choicest looks
Thy bosom graced with flowers thy face with smiles
Come gentle Spring and trace thy wandering brooks
O'er meadow gates and footpath crooked stiles
Come in thy proud and best array
April dews and first of May
And singing birds that come where heaven smiles.
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