In every step we tread appears fresh spring
Hedge weeds all juicy run up tall and flowers
Birds near their nests in early morning sing
By yonder Chaffinch there the Leveret cowers
Unseen and nestles through the days warm hours
Then plays at eve tide in the grass and dew
The old field barn is based with wild spring flowers
The old cart wheel agen the hovel threw
Leans neath the thatch where last year robins flew


The summers messenger the sooty swallow
O'er level meadows like a shadow swims
Then darts with nimbler speed oer the brown fallow
On o'er the farm within a minute skims
His flight to mark the keenest vision dims
Now o'er the green wheat field it playful springs
Then oer the meadow field its flight begins
There drops and drinks and twitters round & sings
The happiest welcomer of early spring


The children shout to see a swallow fly
When they come first where the bow'd cowslips bloom
Down valleys where lone lodge and hamlets lie
They eager bawl and halloo " Here they come"
" And there they go" as thoughts do to their home
They hasten quickly to warm chimney pots
Day after day the children watch them come
The sight of swallow[s] their flower gathring stops
Skiming the valley, brooks, through woods he pops


Above the Quick set blooms " Jack by the hedge"
His white flowers shine all down the narrow lane
In April sunshine still a welcome pledge
To show warm weather brings wild flowers again
Primrose to woods and cowslips to the plain
The Arum red or white their flower shows
The grass gets darker with the sun and rain
The yellow rocket by the dyke side grows
And every wild weed in perfection glows —
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