The Spring Comes Again Love

When spring comes again love
Bringing green to the tree
And May down the lane love
Smells sweetly o' thee
Wilt thou remember then
Of us both standing here now
And come to the road glen
And look at the brere bough.

And think what we've spoken
And love the oath taken
Let this be the token
And love's not forsaken
Here the hedge brere reposes
Where manhood in glee
Cropt the finest hedge roses
Dew sprinkled for thee.

Years have faded since then
As many will do
Ere I stand here agen
To be talking with you
Every leaf i' this place
Wears a love all its own
Since I've gazed on thy face
To the vulgar unknown.

The sattin flowered mallow
Was blossoming nigh
Where I kissed while the swallow
Came swimming fast by
The white thorn and hedge brere
And the bramble flower too
Smile when I pass here
And remind me of you.
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