The Spring comes cheery o'er the Scottish mountains

The spring comes cheery o'er the Scottish mountains
Over the valley and brae O the spring comes cheery
Bright shines the sun o'er the gravel paved fountains
That ripples down mountains sides ne'er seeming weary
Sweet comes the spring cloathing hills wi' green brackan
Sweet the gold sunshine gilds Scotland a' over
Sweet are the songs which the goudspink are making
Which I hear as I go o'er the hills to my lover.


Bonny Scotch lassie love how shall I woo thee
To clasp thy sweet waist, call thee more than my ain
The look o' thy eye is the light that gaes through me
And leaves heart and soul i' the spirit o' pain
But the smile of thy red lip my ain bonny lassie
Cures pain the severest o' body and mind
We've roamed up the mountain side by the stream's glassy
The pleasures o' love in green places to find


And pleasure I felt i the charms o' my dearie
While we closely embraced in that green pleasant place
She blushed like briers bloom but luiked her sen cheery
And her white lily bosom presst close to my face
Do I love thee my Mary thou pink o' creation
She wispered " you do" and she kissed as she spoke
I courted and gave her no sort o' vexation
And we'll soon be none ither than plain married folk.
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