Spring Days in Idleness

T'ao said " I love my hut! " —
I too love my house,
house with its ch'in and books
to comfort me in solitude and seclusion.
Third month already half gone,
blossoms scattered, garden leafed in green:
from the rooftop early doves call,
by the window I've had my fill of spring sleep.
With sleep enough, I get up and sit in idleness;
morning advancing, wash and comb my hair.
Today's not one of the ten fast days —
the boy brings fish and meat from the kitchen.
Hungry, I eat and drink what pleases me,
savoring cold and hot at will.
Stomach full, I indulge in delightful scratchings,
muscles and joints free of all restraint.
Not only do I relax limbs and body —
ears and eyes too I dismiss from duty,
lording it over Red Pine and Prince Ch'iao —
and all this without even a cup of wine!
Author of original: 
Po Ch├╝-i
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