A Spring Journey

We journeyed through broad woodland ways,
— My Love and I.
The maples set the shining fields ablaze.
— The blue May sky
Brought to us its great Spring surprise;
While we saw all things through each other's eyes.

And sometimes from a steep hillside
— Shone fair and bright
The shadbush, like a young June bride,
— Fresh clothed in white.
Sometimes came glimpses glad of the blue sea;
But I smiled only on my Love; he smiled on me.

The violets made a field one mass of blue —
— Even bluer than the sky;
The little brook took on that color too,
— And sang more merrily.
" Your dress is blue, " he laughing said. " Your eyes, "
My heart sang, " sweeter than the bending skies. "

We spoke of poets dead so long ago,
— And their wise words;
We glanced at apple-trees, like drifted snow;
— We watched the nesting birds, —
Only a moment! Ah, how short the day!
Yet all the winters cannot blow its sweetness quite away.
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