St. Mark's Day

From out the cloud of amber light,
Borne on the whirlwind from the north,
Four living creatures wing'd and bright
Before the Prophet's eye came forth.

The voice of God was in the Four
Beneath that awful crystal mist,
And every wondrous form they wore
Foreshadow'd an Evangelist.

The lion-faced, he told abroad
The strength of love, the strength of faith;
He show'd the Almighty Son of God,
The Man Divine Who won by death.

O Lion of the Royal Tribe,
Strong Son of God, and strong to save,
All power and honour we ascribe
To Thee Who only makest brave.

For strength to love, for will to speak,
For fiery crowns by Martyrs won,
For suffering patience, strong and meek,
We praise Thee, Lord, and Thee alone.
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