St. Philip and St. James' Day

There is one Way, and only one,
Out of our gloom, and sin, and care,
To that far land where shines no sun
Because the Face of God is there.

There is one Truth, the Truth of God,
That Christ came down from Heav'n to show,
One life that His redeeming Blood
Has won for all His saints below.

The lore from Philip once conceal'd,
We know its fulness now in Christ:
In Him the Father is reveal'd,
And all our longing is sufficed.

And still unwavering faith holds sure
The words that James wrote sternly down;
Except we labour and endure,
We cannot win the heavenly crown.

O Way Divine, through gloom and strife,
Bring us Thy Father's Face to see;
O heavenly Truth, O precious Life,
At last, at last, we rest in Thee.

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