Stanzas addressed to a "Gloomy Thinker"

Ah ! cease my friend, that mournful lay!
Arouse thee from thy gloomy dream!
The clouds that dimmed thy morning's ray
Shew but more bright thy noon-day gleam.

Foremost in glory's sun-bright steep,
Foremost in duty's mild career,
No drop for thee thy friends shall weep,
But proud affection's burning tear.

And when, thy giant course gone by,
On clouds of bliss thy sun shall fall,
How joyous then shall Memory's eye
View sorrows borne at Virtue's call!

Then shalt thou know the bliss of blessing,
Thou, whom no selfish joy could move;
In peace thy stedfast soul possessing,
Rich in good deeds, and good men's love.
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