Star of my heart! though far away

Star of my heart! though far away
The brightness of thy beauty shines,
Thy soft and soul-dissolving ray
With every thought and feeling twines;
And though thy full and perfect glow,
On other eyes and hearts is shed,
In memory still thy bright beams flow,
Like Heaven's own purest light, around my lonely head.

How sweet to wander up the dell,
And trace the wildly-roving stream,
And, bending o'er the crystal well,
To read the moon's reflected beam,
The dancing light, the checkered glow,
That o'er the bubbling fountain play!
But sweeter are the beams that flow
From thy pure loveliness, though glimmering far away.

How sweet at sunset on the hill
To look upon the purple ocean,
When all that moves on earth is still,
But that for-ever heaving motion!
What hues of heaven around the throne
Of day's departing monarch glow!

O, sweeter still to view alone
From thy blue melting eye love's hallowed lustre flow!

Than moonlight sleeping on the spring,
Than sunset purpling o'er the main,
Than morning's rosy welcoming,
Than night-dew sparkling on the plain,
More sweet thy beams in memory shine:
My last, last thoughts to thee are given;
My heart, my soul, my all are thine;
To think of thee is hope, to live with thee is heaven.
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