by AE
They tell us that they war on war. Why do they treat our wit with scorn?
The dragon from the dragon seed, the breed was true since life was born.
When has the lioness conceived the lamb beneath her tawny side?
When has the timid dove been born the offspring of the eagle's pride?
When Cherubim smite at their Light, oh! yes, we may believe this thing.
When Eblis risen in revolt casts from its shades their awful king.
We know how from the deeds men do a sudden blackness blinds the soul,
How kindled by their sacrifice lights up the instant aureole.
The thought, the deed, breed always true. Shall nations not the law obey?
Has not the Mighty Father store within His Treasure House to pay?
The noble and the base beget their kin, and empires ere they pass
See their own mirrored majesty arise within Time's looking-glass.
The pride that builded Babylon of Egypt was the mighty child:
The beauty of the Attic soul in many a lovely city smiled.
The empire that is built in pride shall call imperial pride to birth,
And with that shadow of itself must fight for empire of the earth.
Fight where ye will on earth or sea, beneath the wave, above the hills,
The foe ye meet is still yourselves, the blade ye forged the sword that kills.
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