The Stranger

There came a stranger to my door
When dusk was falling,
He spoke no word that I could hear,
Yet a voice seemed calling.

His eyes were green as leaves on a tree,
And his smile came slowly,
There was that about him rare and chill
And lovely and unholy.

He did not enter in my house,
Though he seemed full weary,
Only looked at me with a long, long look
Careless and eerie.

As he came he went, I know not how,
But my house is haunted,
By the words he said not, and the wondering
O'er what he wanted.

I'm a wedded woman with children three
And my man is forbearing,
Yet I'd rather that stranger gave me a leaf
Than my man a faring.

I'd rather that stranger give me one smile
Of glamourie and peril,
Than my man should give me a golden gown
And shoon of beryl.

And I'm ever away, away in my soul,
When night is nearing,
For I love the thing I never had,
And the thing I'm fearing.
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