The Sun Is Setting

The sun is a setting The dews they are wetting
The grass in the meadow And down the green lane
The clouds sail more lowly and travel on slowly
To the top O' the mountain and over the main
Leaving the hedges and bushes full soon
To the sleep O' the night and the light O' the moon

Alone in the gloaming Where beauty is roaming
Along the green lane by the light O' the moon
Wi bonny breast heaving Sweet dreams she is weaving
In hopes that her lover may meet with her soon
Boughs stir as a bird hurries into its nest
And the thoughts of her lover leap up in her breast.

She passes the wild brere
Where bowing the mild ear
Tans brown for the harvest all misted wi dew
The birds in the bushes
The larks in the rushes
And the tall clumps of teazles and thistles red blue.

The sun set is hurled
To the edge of the world
Like a millstone red hot out O' night to return
Now it waxes all dim
And its uppermost rim
Is all that is seen O' that circle O' fire.

The maiden walks lonely
With her love and that only
Amused with the moonlight and shadows of eve
Night and day all are blooming
In nature and woman
For both are truths pleasures and nothing to grieve.
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