It comes from its faraway home in the sky,
And it gladdens each heart, it brightens each eye,
It enters the casement, it enters the door,
A welcome guest to the wealthy and poor.

It peeps o'er the mountain, it smiles on the plain,
And the bright young flowers have awakened again
From their dewy repose; and the blue Summer air
Bears upward their fragrant burden of prayer.

It pierces the depths of the forest dense,
Dispelling the darkness and gloom from thence,
Arraying each tree in a vestment of green,
While its rivulets gleam with a silvery sheen.

The rippling sea has a sweeter sound
As the up-flashing spray glistens brightly around,
And the wild forest bird in his home 'mid the trees
Warbles rapturous lays as its glory he sees.

Thou sunlight of beauty! Thou beam from bright Heaven!
May the comfort and joy which thy presence has given.
Be the foretaste of far richer ones yet to come,
When we rest in the light of an eternal home.
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