The Swallow

Pretty Swallow once again
Come and pass me i' the rain
Pretty swallow why so shy
Pass again my window by.


The horse pond where he dips his wings
The wet day prints it full o' rings
Lodge like pearls upon his back.


Then agen he dips his wing
In the wrinkles of the spring
Then o'er the rushes flies again
And pearls roll off his back like rain.


Pretty little swallows fly
Village doors and windows by
Whisking o'er the garden pales
Where the blackbird finds the snails.


Whewing by the ladslove tree
For something only seen by thee
Pearls that on the red rose hings
Falls off shaken by thy wings.


On yon low that[c]hed cottage stop
In the sooty chimney pop
Where thy wife and family
Every evening wait for thee —
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