Sweet Lucy o Northampton

The summer morn is beautifull In crimson and in blue
So is the Iris by the pool Besprent wi' firey dew
The sedge birds song is beautifull I' th' rustle of the reed
The river neath the Willows cool Flows with the sweetest speed
But Lucy o' Northampton town Is sweeter far than these
Than golden Chain and Sattin gown And songs o' honey bees

Sweet Lucy o' Northampton town So bonny and so fair
With red rose cheeks and hair so brown How beautifull you are
Then meadow sweet and burnet too How finer far to see
Sweeter than sweetbrier pearled wi dew You are my dear to me
In woodbine hedge the Nightingale Sings songs in thrills and swells
But sweeter is the lovers tale Lucy at Even tells

Aye they may praise the summer morn The crimson and the blue
The lilies meadow lak[e]s adorn But never equals you
The flowing river beds o' reed The reed birds singing too
Are sweet to see and hear indeed But not so sweet as you
Two red rose cheeks and sparkling eyes A bosom soft as down
Sweeter than flowers I Lucy prize Maid o' Northampton town
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