Sweet Mary Ogilvie

Fairer the gales o' the morning
When dew drops deck the thorn
Fairer then the adorning
The unbarred gates of morn
Where rose and lily blending
In Valleys silver white
As morn it was descending
I' heavens excess o' light
Thy eyes they are the diamond bright
Thy cheeks the red rose tree
There's nought so sweet i' mornings light
As is Mary Ogilvie.

As the sun in the sky shineing on
Enlivening the blue it is smiling upon
As the pearls o the morning the springs o' the year
On primroses sprinkled
Than diamonds more clear
Love's even more sweeter
Than ought can suppose
To clasp her and greet her
With cheeks like the rose
O chuse me my darling
Thy sweetheart to be
And I will for ever and ever love thee.

Dearly trills the little spring
Under the white thorn bush
And sweetly there the blackbird sings
And sweeter sings the thrush
And sweetly there the violet blooms
All in its purple hood
And sweetly there the primrose comes
All sprinkled wi' the flood
O' come my bonny Mary come
Beneath the Awthorn tree
And crop their blue and yellow blooms
Sweet Mary Ogilvie.
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