Sweet mystery that comes to bless

Sweet mystery that comes to bless
Like manna falling down
Religion — I would fain possess
A jewel from thy crown

My heart is sad & sick with pain
My soul is gauled & sore
Ive wandered is it all in vain
Can mercy close the door

Deaf trouble from my bosom calls
Sad anguish I endure
Yet through cares darksome prison walls
Faiths sunbeams shine to cure

Where must I travel anguish cries
& struggles to be free
Look thou for rest a voice replys
Where ransoms live for thee

Though clouding doubts will hide the sun
That faith displays for me
Though fears would damp the hopes begun
For lifes eternity

Something within me struggles on
& hopes when I complain
& if I doubt tis quickly gone
Faith breaks the cloud again
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