Sweet Sophy's Eyes Are Chrystals Clear

My bonny handsome gipsey girl I've loved thee long and ever shall
Her beauty is of love the flame And Sophy Barret is her name
Her bosom like a pillar swells And in her bright eye true love dwells
Her Auburn hair her teeth O' pearl There's none can beat my gipsey girl.

My Sophys teeth are made O' pearl And she's my bonny gipsey girl
Sweet leg and footed like [a] fawn She trips the common night and morn
With sweet lips like the woodbine berry Scarlet and glossy as a cherry
The emerald heaths and skys O pearl Surround my bonny gipsey girl.

Sweet Sophy's eyes are chrystals clear And soft dark hazle all the year
Her bosom is as soft as silk Her neck and arms as white as milk
Her hair is auburn and like dew Love looks the chrystal windows through
O' none but nature ne'er can tell How I love my bonny gipsey girl.
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