Sweet Is the Whisper

How sweet is the whisper that comes from the willows
And sweet is the rustle o' sedges and reeds
That grow in the river make muddy the billows
That swells up in volumes thro' rushes and weeds
Wi bosom as soft as the down o' the pillows
Wi a waist just an armful for lovers to span
Come love and we'll walk down the groves o grey willows
And forget all the world and its cares if we can.


Red are thy cheeks and ruby thy pouting lips
Thine eyes are as bright as the summer sun beams
There's a mole on her breast like the cup o' cowslips
Was I but a fairy in mid summer dreams
I'd kiss it and dream on't the whole of the summer
I' the midst of the white lily beds where it lay
Like a bee on a flower whose a beautiful hummer
It's sweet to the eye when the kerchiefs away.


How sweet is the whisper by moonlight or even
From the lips o' a beauty whose whispering to thee
She's the light o' my soul a picture o' heaven
The moon wi' her face in the waters I see
So softly my hand lay upon her white shoulder
'Twas pleasant to look on and lovely to be
By the side o' my Lucy and sweet to behold her
There's no one her equal in this Countree.
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