I'M not a-workin' now! —
I'm jes' a-layin' round
A-lettin' other people plow. —
I'm cumberin' the ground! . . .
I jes' don't keer! — I've done my sheer
O' sweatin'! — Anyhow,
In this dad-blasted weather here,
I'm not a-workin' now!

The corn and wheat and all
Is doin' well enough! —
They' got clean on from now tel Fall
To show what kind o' stuff
'At's in their own dad-burn backbone;
So, while the Scriptur's 'low
Man ort to reap as he have sown —
I'm not a-workin' now!

The grass en-nunder these-
Here ellums 'long " Old Blue, "
And shadders o' the sugar-trees,
Beats farmin' quite a few!
As feller says, — I ruther guess
I'll make my comp'ny bow
And snooze a few hours — more er less. —
I'm not a-workin' now!
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