Take back the rose nor let it wither


Take back the rose nor let it wither
On heart so cold as mine
Yet once my love when seen together
Both would have been divine
But since my hopes are crushed & blighted
I've little love for flowers
My love for thee shall be requited
In warmer climes than ours
When hearts shall join and be united
In stronger types than flowers


The fairest flower but blooms to wither
The sweetest summers fly
But two fond hearts when joined together
In true love — never die
The rose it is the summers flower
It blooms in Lapland too
And comes to me in sorrows hour
Though given love by you
It comes to me without the power
To feel it or be true


I cannot bear to crop a flower
And see it die away
The rose perfumes the summer hour
Too lovely to decay
I'd rather chuse one on the tree
To bloom my summer guest
Than let one fade and die from thee
On my abandoned breast
If love this fairy gift may be
This love song speaks the rest
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