Testament of No Sho

Prithee (cried No Sho, the young poet)
Shut out the baby:
Don't let her come into my thinking-room
She is a darling
And her every movement is a loveliness;
But how can I afford to look at her—
I, who already have notes for hundreds more poems
Than I can ever write.

For I have had moments
When every form and colour of life
Seemed bursting with naked poetry—
Broadway for the taxis,
Columbus for the L,
But Amsterdam's the Avenue
Where trucks go down like hell——

And there are so many lovely poems being written
I am amazed:
For how do the darling poets find time and chance to live them,
Those moments of millennium
When the mind ignites the hand?
But for this was I born
And for this came I into the world
To blow from the slippery suds of life
My bubbles of fragile glee.
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