Then Shall We Meet Again

How many times spring blossoms meek
Hath faded on the land
Since last I kissed that pretty cheek
And pressed that happy hand
Eight times the greens been painted white
With daisy's i' the grass
Since I looked on thy eyes so bright
And pressed my bonny lass.

The ground lark sung about the Farms
The blackbird i' the Wood
When fast locked in each others arms
By hedge row thorn we stood
It was a pleasant Sabbath day
The sun shone bright and round
That through the dark Oakes threaded lay
Like gold upon the ground.

How beautiful the black bird sung
And answered by the thrush
And sweet the pearl like dew drops hung
Upon the white thorn bush
O happy day — eight years ago
We parted without pain
The blackbird sings primroses blow
When shall we meet again.
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