There is a charm in nature felt and seen


There is a charm in nature felt and seen
In every season of the varied year
In winters frost in springs reviving green
'Tis every where


In foreign lands how beautiful the sight
Over a thousand mountains of snow sprey
With nought of green — but mountains pale as light
And all the way


The springs green herbage full of flowers
And fields where lives the lark mid greener grain
We love and worship them in April hours
Then wish again


That spring with all her joys would longer last
But summer with young buds is left to cho[o]se
And brings once more in memory of the past
Flowers of all hues


Then autumn red and yellow quickly pass
Like broods of nestling birds upon the wing
Till all is gone and nothing but the grass
Remembers spring


The wind the shower, the drapery of the sky
When day cools over meadows into dun
And clouds in gold and crimson glories lie
In set of sun


A globe of fire and as a table round
Then wastes to half still shutting out the day
Till the curved rim drops quickly in the ground
And all is gray
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