There is an hour, a heavenly hour

There is an hour, a heavenly hour,
When rapture swells my throbbing breast,
When joy exerts her siren power
To lull my cares and woes to rest:
It is the hour of evening pale,
Beside the maiden of my heart;
'T is when within the quiet vale
We meet and hope no more to part.

Let proud ambition boast his fame,
And point where burns his glory-star;
I envy not the hero's name,
I care not for the blaze of war:
Give me, when evening draws around
The silent dell its rosy veil,
To hear her harp's wild-warbling sound,
And listen to her soothing tale.

This is the star that charms my sight,
The mildly beaming star of love;
There is no star of purer light,
That sparkles in the heavens above.
Lay me beneath the willow's shade,
Where softly sighs the evening gale,
Love's paradise can never fade
With Mary in the quiet vale.
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