There's Nothing so Sweet

There's nothing so sweet as the woodlands green and modest anemone a stooping
Where the blackbirds and thrushes a building are seen and the bells are modestly drooping
Isabella my dear could love bring thee here
A down the wood side would we wander all day mid blue bells and butterflies far far away.

Then proud Isabella there's nothing so fair like roses her cheek is her neck lilly's drooping
In roses and lilly's there's nough[t] to compare not blue bell nor 'nem once stooping
My dear Isabella in luscious delight
We'll gather wood blossoms from morning till night.

We'll walk side by side a down the wood ride like the bird in their mossy nestle and love
We'll crop the wood 'nemonie just in its pride and listen the morning songs o' the ring dove
And then Isabella beneath the oak tree
We'll sit on a mossy seat thee love and me.
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