These Clever Women

Close your eyes, my love, let me make you blind!
They have taught you to see
Only problems writ on the face of things,
And algebra in the eyes of desirous men,
And God like geometry
Tangling his circles, to baffle you and me.

I would kiss you over the eyes till I kissed you blind;
If I could—if anyone could!
Then perhaps in the dark you'd get what you want to find:
The solution that ever is much too deep for the mind;
Dissolved in the blood. …
That I am the hart, and you are the gentle hind.

Now stop carping at me! Do you want me to hate you?
Am I a kaleidoscope
For you to shake and shake, and it won't come right?
Am I doomed in a long coition of words to mate you?
Unsatisfied! Is there no hope
Between your thighs, far, far from your peering sight?
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