Those Eyes of Blue

Sweet maiden with those eyes of blue
And hair like tendons of the vine
Sprinkled in pearl o' morning dew
Sweet Phebe love be mine
Like the rose i' the bud
When in blossom thoult shine
Like trees loud in the wood
My song shall e'er be thine.

Sweet maiden with the bright blue eye
Bind weeds ethereal blue
The colour o' the spreading sky
Is not more fair and true
Like the sound i' the wood
I am singing to thee
Like the rose i' the bud
I hope only true to be.

In loves happy moment so true
I hope that you may yet be mine
For long as the violet is blue
My heart within still will be thine
And true as the flower is
To the spring in its hue
My heart my dear Honoris
Shall to Phebe live true.
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