Thou art endeared to me by all

Thou art endeared to me by all
The ties of kindred minds,
And thou hast twined my heart in all
The chains that beauty binds;
The man who could deceive thee,
And, when the prize was won,
Could ruin, scorn, and leave thee,
Must have a heart of stone.

For but one look of kindness given
By thee, my heart would brave
The coldest, darkest frowns of Heaven,
The terrors of the grave:
O, death cannot affright me,
When thou art smiling by;
I ask no star to light me,
But the sparkle of thine eye.

But all thy bloom and loveliness
How soon will fade away!
Thy beauty and thy comeliness
Will moulder into clay:
O, when thy charms have taken wing,
And all thy light is gone,
How fondly still my heart would cling
To thee, and thee alone!
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