Thou maiden Flower o' Scotish land


Thou maiden Flower o' Scotish land
We'll seek the rose the gather
We'll walk the mountain hand in hand
And rest amang the heather
Come hither Scotish maid come hither
The mountain rose bush see
We winna crap sa fair a flower
But leave them blooming on the tree
With thoughts of love as pure as snow
We'll wander where the roses grow


I truth my dear we love descern
And climb to meet the morning air
Walking amang the crimpled fern
And see the roses bloom sa fair
We'll see them on the mountains rare
But ane apiece we winna pu'
They're white as thy fair bosom now
And pearled and beaded wi' the dew
Scottish lassie let us go
Where the mountain roses grow.


Come bonny flower o' Scottish land
Wi' hat o' straw and tartan plaid
And here I'll take thy lily hand
And yonder lead the bonny maid
And does thy blushes speak of fear
To seek wi' me the blooming brier
I winna wrang thy angel face
Thou bonny thing sae doubly dear
I winna wrang thy virtue so
While ganging where the roses grow.
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