Though some do grudge to see me joy


Though some do grudge to see me joy,
Forcing their spite to slake my health,
Their false mistrust shall never noy
So long as thou dost will my wealth.
For though they frown, full well I know
No power they have to forge my woe.
Then grudge who list, I shall not cease
To seek and sue for my redress.

Whilst life doth last and thou content,
What should I doubt, what should I dread
Their spite that daily do consent
To make my joy from me be led?
What should I bow to friend or foe
That would me so thy sight forgo?
What should I do but pass full light
The frail mistrust of all their spite?

If cause were given of any part
To cause mistrust in them to spring,
Naught should it grieve me then to smart.
But I, alas, know none such thing.
Then by mishap and cruel lot,
Though they would so, forsake me not;
Nor will me not, my foes to please,
To slake the suit of all my ease.

Thine own and thine forevermore
I am and must continue still.
No woe nor pains, no hurt nor sore
Can cause me flee from this my will —
Thy own to be, and not to start
As long as life is in my heart.
Then grant me this my life to save:
As I deserve, so let me have.
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